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Underlying assets / Effective circulating supply = Natura Minimum Value



NATURA was born from the need to have a deflationary STORE OF VALUE supported by real assets, a currency that is easily accepted for exchanges of goods and services, and therefore, a token whose spendability and use cases are so important that the owner understands how counterproductive it is to sell it.


To obtain this result, simple and effective strategies are used to refer to a natural state of things. These are physical gold and real projects funded by NFTs collections that create value and profitability, and an entire ecosystem with many dynamics in which the token is involved.

anti-inflactionary system

The more NATURA is exchanged, then the more NATURA is burned and the more underlying assets are created at the same time.
The more nfts collections are published, the more projects exist, the more underlying assets are added.

underlying assets comparison


No underlying assets


Fiat Currency deposit, commercial papers


Gold fiduciary deposit, Real value NFTs Collections Marketcap, BTC

Proof of NFT

The revolutionary protocol designed to allow a meritocratic and heterogeneous distribution of the token in order to prevent its centralization in the hands of a few owners, thus avoiding the manipulation of the market and limiting a massive price fluctuation downward.

P.o.W. VS P.o.NFT

Expensive hardware

NFT ownership

I.T. knowledge, manutention

No knowledge, no manutention

Expensive energy consumption

No energy consumption

No benefits other than the mined crypto

NFT gives lots of benefits other than NATURA


Total Supply
88'888'888 NATURA

P.o.NFT 70%
62'222'222 NATURA

13'333'333 NATURA

4'444'444 NATURA

4'444'444 NATURA

2'666'666 NATURA

R&D 2%
1'777'779 NATURA

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